13 June 2010

Carter's First Baseball Practice

In June Anna is doing swimming lessons for the first time (30 minutes twice a week) and Carter is doing baseball for the first time (one hour once a week).

Carter's first baseball practice from Cara on Vimeo.

What you can't see here is that he never made it to first base. He realized Kevin wasn't standing there and he didn't know any of those people so he threw his helmet to the ground and ran across the field crying as loud as he could.

Up until then he did awesome though. He was the fastest runner and great at throwing and listened to the coaches and VERY excited. He keeps saying he is going to be a baseball player when he grows up.

A storm was also rolling in. We made it through 45 minutes of the hour practice before it started pouring. And after that it rained. Hard. Sideways rain.

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