13 June 2010

Day Out With Thomas the Train

We crammed all the kids into Candi's car. For those of you who wonder if you can fit three car seats across in a crossover vehicle the answer is yes if you put a skinny booster in the middle and the adult stands in the middle in the back to buckle the middle child. You can count on probably bending back a fingernail and definitely working up a sweat trying to fasten this. This might be the new olympic sport that you graduate to after mastering how to dress a two year old.

The best invention EVER is the wireless headphones and DVD players. Welcome to the world of driving in peace. Finally. And if you wondered if the wireless headphones from a GMC Terrain will work in the Cadillac SRX the answer is yes because they have the same DVD system. AWESOME! They watched Thomas videos on the way. We had an hour drive to Baldwin City KS.

Carter doesn't like it when someone else tells him what to do. Case in point, "move over by your mom." And this is what you get.

Day Out with Thomas the Train from Cara on Vimeo.

We got home about an hour after I had anticipated. We ate at this cute local restaurant but they were really backed up because of the Thomas event so it took a really long time. Kudos to the kids who were really well behaved. Kudos to the restaurant which was once an old house and one room was a playroom for the kids while we waited. Genius. I also entertained Anna with her DS and Carter with my iPhone.

After we got home I sweated it out cleaning the garage for 2 1/2 hours in preparation for my garage sale next Saturday. My mom is coming over on Thursday to help me set up. My plan is to have it all ready to go on Thursday so on Saturday I can just open the doors and SELL!

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