22 August 2009

First Week of School

Anna started kindergarten last week. She of course loves it. I took her the first day and walked her into class and hung out for about 10 minutes before she said "you can leave now, mom." so big. I made it to the car before I cried.

She took her lunch the first two days and bought her lunch the other days. She gets to choose from chocolate, regular or strawberry milk and I think this is her favorite part.

On day three they hit us up for a fundraising project. They waste no time huh?

Apparently parents are assigned a day to bring snacks for the class and on the second day someone brought fruit snacks. Anna knows she can't have these because of her crowns but I guess she was really sad and started crying. Her teacher wrote me a nice letter and asked us to send some "back up" snacks for next time. The teacher said there were lots of hugs and she found a granola bar from the previous day to give her, so it turned out ok. When I asked Anna if she cried she said "no." She acts so tough.

The first night when I gave her a bath I noticed a red mark on the back of her neck. When I asked her how it happened she said that she was backing up and ran into a desk and then fell down. She said it was bleeding but her teacher had some napkins. I asked if she went to the nurse but she said no. I thought this was strange. Two minutes later she said very matter-of-fact "That's not true. I just made that up."

I finally figured out it was from her "necklace" that says what bus she should get on. I think she had been pulling on it from side to side and gave herself a small rope burn.

She says "It's just like daycare, mom." and tells Carter "I know everything now that I'm in kindergarten."

By the way - she does her own hair and insists on putting those barettes directly on top of her head. It's driving me crazy.

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Carolyn said...

Not to worry...I will cry on Jack's first day! I just can't believe you made it to the car to cry. I will probably cry right there in school!