11 August 2009

The year of unexpected expenses

This has definitely been the year of unexpected expenses for us. First the air conditioner then the kidney stone then the lightening strike then my car. Luckily they miraculously didn't charge me anything for my car. Probably because they didn't do anything. They tightened a wire on my battery and gave it back to me.

I felt like they might as well have said, "good luck, see you next time."

whatever. If you were going to get a new car what would you get? I was hoping to drive this one more year and then get rid of it but it might not make it that long. So far I'm looking at the Mazda CX7 which seems to be less than my current car even fully loaded, or the Ford Edge.

Anna starts kindergarten in one week. OMG! Every morning she asks how many more days until kindergarten. The countdown is on.


Carolyn said...

Gotta try a minivan...You can cruise in mine!

Sofia Britts said...

Wow, a whole year of sudden expenditures? A lightning strike? You've got to be kidding me. Well, it looks like you're doing fine now, so I give you props for that. Why not make this year about savings or an emergency fund? That will leave your money for buying a car untouched even in the middle of unforeseen spending. I suggest an SUV!