02 September 2009

Hello bloggy friends

I've missed you. It's true. I swear. I think of you. I think of posting. Really I do.

Well guess what. I'm not sure where August went but it's September. Don't call it a comeback but it's something like that.

It's been 70 degrees and fall-like. Chilly in the morning when I run. I even wore capri yoga pants to run the other day and wasn't too hot.

Where have I been? You've missed me? Oh you're sweet. Well..

I've been working a lot. Too much. But we launched that project!
I've been running. In fact, I ran 10 miles two Saturdays ago.
Kevin's parents came to visit that weekend also.
We went to the air show.
We went to Deanna Rose farm.
I took the kids to Paradise Park this past weekend and we ran into some of their friends from daycare.
I went shopping for fall clothes for the kids.
Did I mention I worked a lot. Even till 2 am one night.
Ok enough about work.

Anna said God came down to her when she was outside at school this week and gave her "power." What does this power do? It allows her to get her desk cleared faster than the kid who sits next to her. Then she gets to go play sooner. Ah, the power you need at 5 years old.

Anna LOVES school. She's doing great. She's learned to spell Purple. Random I know, but whatev. I guess that's the word you start with when you learn to spell. What do I know? I probably would have started with Mom. Or dog.

She read her first word in a book tonight. She lifted a flap of a book she has never read before and it said "Pop" and she said, "mom I know this word. It's pop. I learned this at school." I'm impressed.

The kids are getting to the age when they know how to push each other's buttons. Carter is really good at the repeater. He can go on and on for 20 minutes. Anna hates it but she can't NOT say anything. It's mildly entertaining and annoying at the same time.

So what have you been doing?

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