26 July 2009

Hershey in Pics. Lots of pics.

We arrive and Hazel's not sure what just happened.

On Mark and Molly's front step of their cute townhouse.

It rained a lot when the first few days but at some point there was a break and we headed to the park. This is Hazel's first time in the swing. Video to come soon of her adorable giggle.

My kids dug into the sandbox.

On Friday we went to Hershey Gardens. You can see Hershey Park in the background skyline.

Carter in an arbor at the gardens.

In the butterfly garden house.

Me and Hazel.

Carter found a new buddy with Mark.

These would randomly whistle and spray water.

Rose garden posing.

Running some energy off in the rose garden.

Saturday it quit raining and we hit Hershey Park. They rode three train rides to Carter's heart's content.

Product placement.

Carter even figured out how to make the airplane go up and down. He was fearless to my surprise.

The water park is part of the amusement park. Check out this insane water system. Perfect if you are about 10 years old.

From the ferris wheel.

Train ride #2

Lots of time in the stroller. So glad I took the double.

Face painting.

We thought Carter might fall asleep sitting there.

Kitty cat.


Viking voyage ride for kids. They were laughing so hard and I love that Anna's hands are up.

Dinosaur ride that made what was quite possibly the most annoying noise ever. You pushed a button and got a very dull loud buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. They loved it. Where else can you make the most annoying noise repeatedly and no one complains?

The sweetest place on earth.

I'm pretty sure I lost my driver's license at the Baltimore airport in our hurry to make our flight. Guess that's on my to-do list for Thursday this week.

We had a great time!

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