23 July 2009

Hello from Hershey

I somehow managed two make it through the airport with 2 kids 2 suitcases 2 catseats 2 carryons and the double stroller, rent a car and then drive to see one of my very good friends from college Molly in Hershey pa. She has theist adorable little 10 month old hazel which Anna thinks is her newest baby doll. Hazel's favorite word is HI so there's been a lot of that and Carter uses his very high pitched voice to say "hi Hazel" which is super cute.

It has been raining off and on but we r hoping to get to do Hershey park and the butterfly gardens in the next two days. Kevin has been living on frozen pizza and movies since we left which is funny since he is a great cook. Tonight he put a fried egg on his pizza plus ciracca - that hot sauce that seems to have a cult like following- so I'm starting to get a little concerned.

I haven't taken a single pic yet but plan to change that tomorrow!

Goodnight from the sweetest place on earth.

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