19 July 2009

Goodbye 10 Pounds

Running longer distances helped me officially drop 10 pounds. That being said I haven't been able to run for about three or four weeks because of this kidney stone but somehow I've been able to keep it off. So far so good. I dropped a dress/pant size and was able to wear that dress to Jazzoo that hasn't fit in several years. That was my first sign that I had actually lost weight.

I rejoined my running group (although I couldn't go this weekend because of pain and next weekend I will be out of town). I am training for the KC Half Marathon in Oct. I haven't run this race since I was four months pregnant with Anna. I'm excited to have a goal to work towards and keep me motivated.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my morning routine of running outside. I have 3 more pounds to go to my goal weight that I initially started out towards. Still no bikini but I'm making progress.

March: 136
Lost: 10
Current: 126
Goal: 123

1 comment:

RunToFinish said...

way to go! I seriously meant it when I said I could tell, you look great!