23 September 2011

Hello from colorado

I am writing this on kevin's iPad from Estes park Colorado. We are here for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. We are staying at a motel that only has 6 rooms but it has been updated so it is actually really nice.

We walked around downtown before our room was ready. It is perfect for women in their 50's who want to buy another cloth patterned bag and bear decorations for their guest bedroom back home that has a lodge theme.

It reminds me a lot of lake Tahoe... Earthy, outdoorsy, organicy. I am not one with nature. I have allergies and my asthma is bothering me a little bit with the altitude. I forgot an albuterol inhaler somehow and our rental car has had a smoker in it. As much as they tried to mask it by vacuuming and air freshener I noticed it immediately. I like to look at the mountains I just don't feel the desire to be in them. All those family vacations when we used to drive for hours remind me of how carsick I can get. Hence the reason I prefer to fly everywhere. But only on large planes. Those small ones make me super sick too. Ah I'm such a high maintenance traveler. But I'm good once I reach my final destination.

I got an hour nap in. Much needed sleep after the recent conference at exacthtarget and no catch up since. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

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