20 March 2011

Spring Break!

I only worked two days last week. Woo hoo! Anna was on spring break so I took some days off. Wednesday I spent for myself, getting my hair high and low lighted and getting my nails done. Thursday I took the kids to the zoo, then to Party City to get goodies for Anna's bday party coming up, and then Carter's soccer practice. Friday we went to see the Justin Bieber movie in 3D, then went out to lunch and then to Kaleidescope. Saturday we went to Paradise Park all afternoon and then the grocery store. Today we stayed home. Carter is now running a fever and seems a little lethargic.

But we had a great spring break! I'm not really ready to go back to work, but I only have a 4-day work week this and next week so that should help!

Making some new recipes this week. I've moved on from foodnetwork.com to bhg.com.

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