10 March 2011

I'm Suddenly the Suburban Soccer Mom

My mom told me I just began "10 years of taking kids from one activity to the next. Until Anna can drive."

Anna has started gymnastics once a week. And LOVES it.

Carter has started soccer practice twice a week. And LOVES it.

A few weeks ago Anna also did a dance practice one night with the high school girls and then performed a few nights later.

She also had a music performance at school along with a book fair.

AND, my job has convinced me to go back to work full time. No more day off for me to catch up on errands, laundry and appointments. I'm now squeezing everything in on the evenings and weekends. When I tell people this they all have the same reaction "Weren't you working full time already?" Apparently this is only news to me.

I also became an aunt in the last few weeks! I can't wait to meet my first nephew Sam. I look forward to spoiling him, cuddling him and watching my kids play with their first cousin at family gatherings.

Next week is spring break! I'm taking a few days off to spoil myself and then spend some QT with the kids. Hopefully we will find some fun activites to be had outside (if the weather finally holds out - it has been so weird over the last few weeks - snow, ice, fog, rain, bleh.)

I've been fighting a stupid cold for three weeks. And pink eye for two days.

A few weeks to my first half marathon this year. The next one is just four weeks following that.

2011 is looking to be a busy year of travel. Should make for some fun and exciting blog posts with lots of pics.

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