18 October 2010

Project! Daily December

I have always wanted to do Ali Edwards' Daily December project. It has just never worked out for whatever reason. But I have picked up products over the years with the idea that I would do it some year. I think this is the year. I haven't scrapped in quite some time. Far too long. My supplies sat collecting dust in the corner of the dining room all year. I just recently moved it all upstairs to the guest bedroom. Ultimately my plans are to convert the huge walk in closet we have off that room into a scrap-haven. That is probably a project for 2011 but I digress.

The key to this album, as Ali says, is making the actual album in advance. Then you just capture something from that day and add it to the page(s) whether that be a card that came in the mail, a picture, journaling, all of the above, etc. To be honest, I will probably have some days where I add pictures and journaling that really could have been on any day, that really aren't specific to that day. You could have a lot of photos from one day and spread them out over a couple of days. When I think about it, to me it is an album that is really capturing life from that month. The craziness of the holidays, the overall mood, excitement, frustration, joy, etc. Something I would look back at years from now and remember the innocence and amazement of my little ones as they are today.

Here is a video of how some of the base pages were created and the "formula," if you will, of the album. I will probably just buy an album and add something to the cover or make an intro page. I will very likely not make the cover and back. I will probably not use as many transparencies and use more page protectors with pre-divided slots (they are easy) and I will not do any stitching unless I borrow Candi's sewing machine. I do not own a sewing machine and knowing myself that would be a really poor investment... unless there is one specific to scrapping, which there probably is, and if it was cheap.

Anyway. Any takers? Anyone else want to join me on this journey?

I know. I'm a little crazy. I mean really, don't you need something else to do in December? Ha!

Ali Edwards December Daily 2010 Foundation from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.
A video walk-through of my 2010 December Daily album. More information here: http://aliedwards.com/2010/10/december-daily-2010-creating-a-foundation.html

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Molly said...

I'm in! I did this a few years ago and really had fun with it. Many of my scrap supplies are packed away for our year in PGH, but I still think I could still pull of the concept of documenting the month and just have it printed in a book? Let's chat about it! Fun!