26 October 2010

Hilloween 2010

On Friday before Hilloween I got a voicemail from the daycare. They wanted to ask me an "interesting question." I wondered what my kids had said. I called...

Day care owner: "Carter was talking to his teacher and me today at recess. He said he is going to have a babysitter this weekend because his parents are going to a naked party. Are you going to one of those sex toy parties?"

Oh great.

Me: "Um, we're going to a Halloween party. There will be some girls there who will be spray painted, but I will be fully clothed."

Rewind to the night before. We were explaining to Carter that they would have a new babysitter because we were going to a Halloween party. Of course he wanted to go and we said it was an adult-only party. He started to throw a fit and for some reason Kevin said "there will be naked girls there, you can't go."

And so that's how it got translated at recess.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

a naked party, you guys are getting crazy in KC :)