08 February 2011

Anna School Work

Been awhile since I posted - I have a few updates I need to get on here. Starting with this one - a really good one!

Found these when digging through the piles of paper on the kitchen island the other day. Finding these always makes me smile. (click any new view larger to read)

Do you know who J.B. is? Yes, she is six. And she loves him.

Computer class:

I thought this was a really accurate drawing

They must have just sent home some of the artwork/letters that had been displayed at school because some of these are from November.

About Sonar:

9 days later, about Baxter:

From Thanksgiving:

(translation: I am thankful for family because they take care of me. I am thankful for the army because without them we wouldn't be alive. I am thankful for food because without it we'd be dead. I am also thankful for god. I thank god because he is king.)

(translation: Fall is awesome to me. Do you think it's fun? It reminds me of pumpkin pie in the oven. Yummy! I just love fall.)

If she was in charge of the world:

(translation: If I were in charge of hte world I'd...
make money
be a queen
help schools
If I were in charge of the world there'd be...
lots of birds
candy as a vegetable
lots of schools
If I were in charge of the world there wouldn't be...
mean people
If I were in charge of the world!)

Candy as a vegetable is my personal favorite.

In other news...
On Sunday night Baxter shredded a foam bowling pin.

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